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Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Hello and congratulations if you're looking for a newborn photographer. During this exciting and busy time, it's so special to have these tiny, little memories captured for you to cherish.

Family newborn lifestyle photography, Chepstow

What is Lifestyle Photography?

This is when you have your photo session take place in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for a newborn baby. Being a mother of 2 children myself, I can relate to most situations. When baby wants feeding in the middle of the session or a nappy change. It's all a lot easier at home in those early days.

It's really lovely to have you relaxing in your own home and cuddling up on a sofa or bed with your newborn baby, partner and family. Fab for baby to feel relaxed too as they're used to the familiar sounds and smells around them.

We can even make use of your garden or nearby outdoor surroundings if the weather is nice and if that's something you'd like to include in your session.

If your newborn has older siblings, being at home can be less stressful for you and more fun for the older children as they have their toys and familiar surroundings while I take time to photograph baby.

My first favourite thing about photography will always be photographing relationships between people but my second favourite thing is the details. For my newborn sessions this is always the details of tiny fingers and toes, the little grasp of your finger and the little scrunches of a baby. Those are the things I miss most and I know you will want to treasure these moments too.

What age is best for Newborn Photography?

I recommend the best age for this is from a few days old to 20 days old. At this age I am still able to capture the new-ness of your newborn.

When can I book?

If you're currently pregnant we can book in your due date and I can then pencil in the dates your available 2-4 weeks after your due date and we can keep in touch to keep each other updated around these times.

Have you already had baby? Then please feel free to get in touch and we can book in a session for you. If baby is older than 20 days old, that's absolutely fine. I can still do the same style session for you. I'd say up to 3 months.

How long does the session take?

The session will take between and hour, an hour and a half. This depends on feeds, changes etc that baby may require during your session. For this reason, I'm not strict with the times. From experience an hour, hour and a half has been the perfect amount of time.

How is a session organised?

I organise a family or newborn session in a way that I get to capture all images for everyone. For example:

- Whole family

- Siblings and baby (if you have older children)

- Baby + the teeny tiny details mentioned previously.

- Mummy and baby

- Daddy and baby

Other photos will be taken, but I like to make sure these are the main ones. I like to make them fun and relaxed.

What packages are offered?

I offer a digital package and a print + digital package. The digital package includes:

Photography time

All enhanced photographs on usb

Online password secure album for you to view, download and share your photographs with friends and family.

The print package will offer the same as the above but it will include up to 90 6x4 prints in the same presentation box as the usb. For all your images to be in one place for you.

As prices may change, please get in touch for the current prices.

More information?

If you have any questions or think this is exactly the type of family session you're after for a relaxed and calm feel, please contact me via the button below.


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